We interviewed five sets of siblings who were all excited to share their feelings and experiences as the brother or sister. Click on a photo to see and hear what the siblings have to share.

The Roman-Baptista Family

Step-dad is Eduen and Mom is Floribeth. Bella had juvenile Tay-Sachs and died at age 6. Big brother is Sebastian (age 18). Not featured are two other brothers: Estaban (age 11) and Cristian (age 3).

The Marquardt Family

Mom is Oralea. Dad is Rod. William had GM-1 and died at age 8. His big sister is Kyla (age 12) and his little brother is John (age 4).

The Salazar Family

Mom is Jenn. Dad is Joe. Mallory (age 6) has juvenile Tay-Sachs. Matthew (age 13) and Madeline (age 6) are Mallory’s big brother and sister.

The Epstein Family

Mom is Sherri. Rachel (age 16) has Canavan disease. Jessica (age 17) is Rachel’s big sister.

The Gibb Family

Dad is LJ and Mom is Catherine. Rachel (age 2) has leukodystrophy. Alex (age 12) and Caitlyn (age 10) are Rachel’s oldest brother and sister, and then there are five other children, including youngest child baby Michael.